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About Us

The group that created this site is comprised of Alex Lehman, Kaylee Correll, Hannah Ressler, and Connor Land. All of us are freshman at Georgia Tech in Dr. Fitzsimmons' English 1102 class on "The History and Rhetoric of Science Writing for Children".

This online exhibit is the product of our work on our unit 2 project with the goal of creating an informative and interesting information exhibit about a research topic of our choice using information from the onine Baldwin Library website. 

Alex is studying computer engineering at Georgia Tech with plans to work in the computer hardware sector designing either electrical components or complete systems. His main role was finding information on the pre-1900s section along with creating the underlying layout of the Omeka site.

Hannah is pursuing Environmental Engineering. Her goals include working in the sustainable city development sector with a team of environmentalists. Hannah's main role consisted of editing and researching the post 1900s dinosaur research. Her research focused on the Dinosaur Renaissance and its leaders. 

Kaylee is an Industrial Engineering student at Georgia Tech, hoping to specialize in economics and financial systems. Kaylee's main role in the project involved researching information on dinosaurs from the twentith century to present day. Specifically, she focused on how dinosaurs are represented in the media. She also helped edit the layout of the site.

Connor is studying Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech with plans to attend medical school upon graduation. Connor's main role in the project consisted of researching information concerning prehistoric animals before the 1900s.  

About Us